Booking Info

Booking Info

Thank you for your interest in booking Kevin, or his alter ego, Dee! From exciting fundraisers to intimate Tupperware cooking demonstrations, we’ve got you covered.

Ain’t No Party like a Dee Party!

If you have more than 25 guests, Dee is your gal! For more information on throwing the most entertaining Tupperware party ever, host a Tupperware party with Dee!

Fundraising with Tupperware

There is also the opportunity to throw a Tupperware Party as a Fundraising Event. Learn more information about Tupperware Fundraisers.

Kevin’s Kitchen

For a more intimate Tupperware party and a cooking demonstration Kevin’s Kitchen is the party for you.

Speaking Events

Both Kevin and Dee have a lot to say and deliver it in the most entertaining way. Kevin has a rich past of acting appearances on hit television shows and we all know how outspoken yet lovable Dee is. Learn more about having Dee or Kevin host your next big event.

Coaching & Consulting

Boost your business with Kevin’s 18+ years experience, including top retail sales for Tupperware four consecutive years in North America. Benefit from his expertise in team training, product knowledge, and marketing strategies. Learn more about coaching and consulting with Kevin.

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Dee W. Ieye

Host a Tupperware Party

Throw the most entertaining Tupperware party hosted by none other than our favorite Miss Tennessee Dee W. Ieye.

Dee will leave her trailer and come to your home to entertain your guests with the Tupperware show of a lifetime. Oh, and as a hostess you will receive a ton of free Tupperware!

Contact Dee and Get Started!

If you’re ready to throw the Tupperware party of a lifetime, fill out the Contact form at the top of the page. Just let Dee know you’re interested in a Tupperware party and she will contact you and provide all the details and information you need.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, check out Kevin’s Kitchen.

Fundraisers and Events with Dee W. Ieye

Fundraising is FUNraising with a Dee W. Ieye Tupperware party. And the best part is you can raise a LOT of money for a good cause, all the while having a GREAT time!

Dee is also available for hosting events. She’s quick on her feet (which is pretty amazing since her feet are usually in her favorite red heels) and will entertain the pants off your guests. Not literally. That’s a whole different kind of party.

If you would like more information about a Fundraising party with Dee, fill out the contact form at the top of the page and she will get back with you with all the details. Don’t forget to tell her you are interested in throwing a Fundraising Party.

Fundraisers and Events with Kevin Farrell

Introducing Kevin Farrell, a dynamic entertainer with a unique twist! While he’s made waves on numerous hit television shows, Kevin has discovered a non-traditional approach to captivate audiences on a daily basis.

Thinking outside the box, he has become the leading Tupperware salesperson in the U.S. and Canada for an impressive four consecutive years. Beyond his captivating performances, Kevin is ready to bring his charismatic energy to your fundraisers and events. With his extensive experience in engaging diverse crowds, Kevin ensures a memorable and entertaining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Elevate your gatherings with Kevin’s charm and expertise, making your events truly unforgettable.

Kevin's Kitchen

Discover the art of crafting swift, effortless, and delectable meals with Tupperware in the comfort of your own home! Gather your closest friends and reserve a spot for a session in Kevin’s Kitchen.

Kevin’s Kitchen offers an intimate and personalized experience, with Kevin himself conducting a cooking demonstration right in your home. Following the demonstration, you and your guests will have the chance to acquire the Tupperware products showcased by Kevin, bringing both culinary inspiration and practical kitchen solutions directly to your doorstep. Elevate your cooking game with Kevin’s expertise and make your kitchen a hub of delicious convenience.

Speaking Engagements

Looking for someone to emcee your next big event? Look no further. Kevin has appeared on numerous hit television shows but he found a non-traditional way to entertain thousands of people live on a daily basis by thinking outside the box, putting on some heels and entertaining his way to the leading Tupperware salesperson in all of US and Canada for four years in a row!

He can emcee your event or entertain your guests as either Dee or Kevin. Just fill out the Contact form at the top of the page to get in touch.

Coaching & Consulting Services

Elevate your business with Kevin’s unparalleled coaching services! With over 18 years of experience, Kevin offers comprehensive support, ranging from team training and product knowledge to engaging demonstrations and the creation of impactful social media platforms. His proven success is highlighted by four consecutive years of securing the top spot in personal retail sales for Tupperware across North America. Beyond his expertise, Kevin’s illustrious career includes appearances on hit TV shows like Frasier, Friends, and Gilmore Girls. Let Kevin guide you to success, transforming your business venture into a thriving and dynamic enterprise.

Fill out the contact form or email Kevin to get started!