Returning to Ohio has given Kevin the chance to broaden his Tupperware brand with Kevin’s Kitchen. Here, he steps out from under Dee’s wig to provide cooking demos as Kevin to smaller groups, showcasing simple and easy recipes that highlight his favorite Tupperware items.

This shift has also allowed him to connect with individuals eager to leverage the Tupperware opportunity for their families, whether through selling or taking advantage of our excellent product pricing.

Additionally, Kevin offers business coaching and consulting for those interested in growing their businesses – Tupperware related or not. With an impressive track record, holding the title for top personal Tupperware sales in North America for four consecutive years and accumulating 18+ years of business experience, Kevin brings unparalleled expertise.

Beyond Tupperware, he’s a seasoned actor, making appearances in hit shows like Friends, Frasier, and Gilmore Girls, and participating in various theater productions. Whether you’re seeking culinary inspiration, business guidance, or a touch of entertainment, Kevin offers a unique blend of expertise and charisma.


Kevin's Reel



In 2004, Kevin created Dee W. Ieye for a Hollywood fundraiser called Best in DRAG Show. Initially, he had no plans to revisit the character, but a friend, who was selling Tupperware in drag, convinced Kevin to give it a try. Before he knew it, Kevin became the #1 selling Tupperware representative in the USA and Canada, holding that position for four consecutive years.

With bookings scheduled months in advance and hosting 17 parties monthly, Dee became Tupper Famous and even appeared on the revamped TO TELL THE TRUTH in 2016 with Betty White.

In 2012, Kevin and his husband Geoff made the decision to bid farewell to Los Angeles and embrace his home state of Ohio. 

Moving to Ohio allowed him to be closer to his family and aging parents. Now, Kevin sells Tupperware in Ohio and neighboring areas, occasionally traveling to cities like LA, Vegas, and Chicago for shows. Additionally, he is extending his talents as Dee to groups, offering entertaining fundraisers.

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